Yoruba Boy Names Starting With A

Yoruba Boy Names Starting With A
Yoruba Boy Names Starting With A


Yoruba Boy Names Starting With A

  1. Aanuoluwapo (God’s mercy is great)
  2. Abayomi (the enemy would have gloated over me)
  3. Abejide (born during the rainy season)
  4. Abidemi ( born before the father’s arrival)
  5. Abidoye; (born before the arrival of a chieftaincy title)
  6. Abiodun; (born during the festival)
  7. Abiola Abimbola/Abisola; (one born into wealth)
  8. Abiona; (born during a journey)
  9. Abioye Abisoye; (born into status/title)
  10. Abisogun; (born during a war)
  11. Abisuga; (one born into the palace)
  12. Abodunrin; (one who walks in with the festival/holiday)
  13. Adaramola; (one who complements wealth with beauty)
  14. Ade; (this refers to crown or royalty)
  15. Adebajo; (the crown returns from a trip)
  16. Adebambo; (the crown returns with me)
  17. Adebanjo; (the crown fits me)
  18. Adebankole; (the crown assisted me to build a house)
  19. Adebayo; (the crown meets with joy)
  20. Adebiyi; (the crown gave birth to this one)
  21. Adebola; (the crown meets with the wealth)
  22. Adeboro; the crown meets wealth
  23. Adebowale; the crown has come home
  24. Adeboye; the crown meets the title
  25. Adeboyejo; the crown befits the title
  26. Adebusoye; the crown was added to the status
  27. Adedamola; the crown is mixed with wealth
  28. Adedapo; crowns associate/affiliate
  29. Adedaramola; the crown associates with (complements) wealth well
  30. Adedayo; the crown has become a joy
  31. Adedeji; the crown has become two
  32. Adediji; the crown has become a refuge
  33. Adediran; the crown becomes hereditary
  34. Adedokun; the crown has become (as wide as) the sea
  35. Adedolapo; the crown holds wealth together
  36. Adedotun; the crown has become fresh/new
  37. Adedoyin; the crown has become honey
  38. Adefemi; the crown loves me
  39. Adegbenga; the crown elevates/uplifts
  40. Adegbenro; the crown establishes
  41. Adegbola; the crown carries the wealth
  42. Adegboyega; the crown has elevated the title
  43. Adegoke; the crown ascends a height/hill
  44. Adegoroye: the crown ascends to a title
  45. Adegunte; the crown ascends the throne
  46. Adeiye; the crown of salvation
  47. Adejare; the crown has overcome
  48. Adejobi; the crown gives birth together
  49. Adejoro; the crown enjoys (eats) wealth
  50. Adejumo; the crown unites

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Adejumobi; the crown unites to give birth to
Adejuwon; the crown is greater than them
Adekanmi; I am entitled to the crown
Adekilekun; the crown makes the house full
Adekitan; the crown does not finish/end
Adekola; the crown collects the wealth
Adekoyejo; the crown brings together titles
Adekunle; crowns fill the house
Adelabi; we gave birth to a crown
Adelana; the crown opens the way
Adelani; we own the crown
Adelanwa; it is a crown that we look for
Adeleke; the crown triumphs
Adelodun; the crown owns the festival
Adelowo; the crown has respect
Adeloye; the crown is (the essence) of a title
Ademola; the crown has been added to a wealth
Ademolu; the crown has been added to the master
Adeniji; the crown has protection/refuge (to offer)
Adeniran; the crown has history/lineage
Adeniyi; the crown has prestige/dignity
Adenola; the crown owns a wealth
Adenrele; the crown is going home
Adenuga; the crown owns the palace
Adeoba; the crown of the king
Adeola; a crown of wealth
Adeolu; the crown of God
Adeoti; the crown does not fade
Adeoye; a crown of title
Adepeju; the crown is full of honour
Adepero; the crown pacifies
Adepitan; the crown tells a story
Adepoju; crowns are many
Aderemilekun; the crown has dried my tears
Aderoju; the crown has succour
Aderopo; the crown replaces
Adesanmi; the crown profits me
Adesile; the crown opens a new house
Adesina; the crown has opened the way
Adesoji; the crown is revived
Adesokan; the crown is one
Adesola; the crown makes wealth
Adesoro; the crown makes wealth
Adesoye; the crown watches over the title
Adesupo; the crown aggregates
Adetola; the crown is the worth of wealth
Adetolu; the crown which belongs to God

Adetona; the crown gives direction
Adetoyebi; the crown is big enough to birth titles
Adetoyese; the crown has beautified the title
Adetunji; the crown has woken again
Adewale; the crown has come home
Adewetan; the crown has being bath
Adeyanju; the crown succeeds
Adeyato; the crown is different
Adeyemi; the crown befits me
Adeyemo; the crown befits a child
Adeyiga; the crown surrounds the palace
Adeyinka; the crown surrounds me
Adeyeye; the crown befits its titles
Adeyoye; the crown rejoices over the title
Afolabi; one born with wealth
Afolami; one who breathes with the wealth
Afolarin; one who walks with the wealth
Afolorunso; one kept under God’s protection
Agboola; the stage/platform of wealth
Aibinuola; one who is not antagonistic of wealth
Aje; a child born on Monday
Ajibola; one who wakes up to meet the wealth
Ajibade; one who wakes into royalty
Ajirola; one who wakes to the sight of wealth
Akin; refers to warrior/ valour
Akinbiyi; a warrior gave birth to this one
Akinbode; a warrior has arrived
Akinbola; valour meets with the wealth
Akindele; the warrior has come home
Akinkunmi; valor fills me
Akinlabi; we gave birth to a warrior
Akinleye; valour has glory
Akinlolu; the Lord is Valor
Akinloye; valour is a title
Akinmade; the warrior takes the crown
Akinniyi; valour has dignity
Akinola; valour of wealth
Akinpelu; the warrior was one of them
Akinrinnola; the warrior walks in wealth
Akinsanmi; valour profits me
Akintayo; valour is the worth of joy
Akintola; valour is the worth of wealth
Akintoye; valour is the worth of the title
Akintunde; the warrior has come again
Akinwunmi; warriors appeal to me
Akinyele; valour befits a home
Akinyemi; valour befits me
Akeju; one who is over pampered
Anjolaoluwa; we are enjoying (eating) the wealth of God
Alaba; the second child born after a set of twins
Alade; the crowned one
Alayo; one who is full of joy/merriment
Aremu; is the name given to the first male child
Ariyo; one who is the joy to behold
Asikooluwaloju; the Timing of God is best
Ayan; refers to drums/drumming.
Ayanbadejo; drumming complements the crown well
Ayandele; the drummer has come home
Ayantola; drumming is the worth of wealth
Ayantuge; drumming is the worth of the palace
Ayanyinka; drumming surrounds me
Ayo; means joy
Ayoade; the joy of the crown
Ayobade; joy meets with the crown
Ayobami; joy meets with me
Ayodeji; joy has doubled
Ayodele; joy has come home
Ayodiran; joy becomes hereditary
Ayoku; joy remains
Ayokunle; joy fills the house
Ayokunnumitetete; joy fills my insides completely/ joy saturates me
Ayomide /Ayomitide; my joy has come
Ayoola; the joy of wealth
Ayorinde; joy walks in
Ayotunde; joy has come again.


Yoruba Boy Names Starting With A

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