Anthony Joshua Glo Story

             Anthony Joshua Glo Story


THE ANTHONY JOSHUA GLO STORY: I was hungry for success . There are ways campaigns build businesses and engender success through captivating storytelling as today’s consumers are fast-paced, overloaded with information, and short on time.

Customers today quickly go over content, interact with chatbots, and gravitate toward convenience.

Roughly half of the world’s consumers’ are dedicated to content consumption. In this new reality, it is imperative that brands humanize and connect with their audiences in more meaningful and subtle ways.

The one meaningful way is storytelling through commercials as several researches show that messages delivered as stories are more memorable and effective.

This is because stories have a greater ability to cut through the noise, reach consumers, and build an emotional connection as case studies show that emotional connection is important just like customer satisfaction.

That is why brands that use stories in their marketing campaigns are more likely to grow their customer base, form much more relationships with their audience. And those relationships result in greater engagement, loyalty, and sales.

This is part of what has made Globacom, leading telecommunications company, stand out in the advertising industry in Nigeria.

The company is regarded as a behemoth in Nigeria’s telecom space not just because of the innovative services and technological revolutions it brought into the market but also because of the emotional connection it has been able to make with its subscribers and Nigerians as a whole though powerful and inspiring marketing communications activities and campaigns.

Its master brand advertisement since inception in 2003 has always revolved around galvanizing Nigerians to be proud of themselves, believe in their abilities and work hard to achieve their potentials.

This is reflected in its various payoff lines including ‘Glo with Pride’, ‘Rule your World’, ‘We Got People Talking’ and ‘Unlimited’.

The message in these slogans is the same. They have helped in endearing the Glo brand to its subscribers and the general public as they inspire to dream, work hard, achieve their life objectives and rule their world.

Globacom signified this intention early in the day when it launched the ‘Magic Ball’ television commercial in which a green ball was seen rolling around the length and breadth of the country and painting everywhere green.

This was symbolic of the company’s efforts in taking telecommunications which was hitherto reserved for the super rich to Nigerians irrespective of their class.

The spirit of these commercials to inspire the public to dream, work hard and achieve their life objectives and rule the world is also encapsulated in the ‘Heart of a Champion’ commercial featuring World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Anthony Joshua (AJ), and popular music producer and Marvin Records boss, Don Jazzy.

It tells the story that hard work pays as Anthony Joshua makes beats with gym facilities and goes through rigorous exercises, embedded with music from Don Jazzy’s disc.

Anthony Joshua is also seen skipping in the gym as Don Jazzy comes on and AJ asks “Are you ready for this?” to which the music producer responds, “Let me hear you AJ” .  The pugilist replies by punching away at the sand bag in rhythmic pattern.

He increases the tempo as Jazzy asks him to “double it”, showing strength and resilience and hard work required to achieve success.

“I was born hungry for success. It’s the Nigerian way. Oh yeah, champions stay hungry. Oh yes, Glo gets it big time.

“To want more, Champions go the distance, and they go further. Glo…Heart of a Champion!” Anthony Joshua declares.

The message underscores the determination to excel, the resilience and the ‘can-do’ spirit which Nigerians are generally known for.

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