Scammer Exposed: They are taking over YouTube, Here is How To Stay Safe

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Exposing these new scammers who appear to be taking over YouTube has become a necessity. In this scammer exposed video, I will literally be playing along with a scammer who is impersonating me in an attempt to scam my subscribers out of their hard-earned money.

This video is aimed at helping you stay safe out there by identifying real comment responses by channel owners and scammer. Making this distinction is vital to your safety which I am very particular about.

Over the last few months, many scammers have been impersonating successful youtube channels by creating channels on youtube with similar names and profile images. This way they leave comments in the comment section of the video posted on this channel asking the subscribers to contact them privately either via WhatsApp, telegram, email, Instagram, or elsewhere.
Once you do that, they try to convince you to give them some money.

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