MI router 4c setup guide with Mobile

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In this video I will show you how to set up MI 4C router with the help of mobile. First give the power connection of the router. Then connect the internet cable to the router. Then go to WiFi settings on your mobile. This is MI Router’s WiFi network. It will connect in one click. It will then automatically take you to the admin panel of the MI router. If MI router admin panel does not open automatically on your mobile, you need to go to the admin panel manually. Open any browser to go to the admin panel.


Select your country region here. If your area is not on this list, select any one country area. Enter the username and password of your broadband account here. These usernames and passwords will be provided by your internet provider company. Enter your WiFi name here. Then enter your WiFi password. Now you have finished setup your MI router. Now you need to reconnect your device. Now your router is connected to the network