What Medical Tests are Required for Canadian Immigration

What Medical Tests are Required for Canadian Immigration
What Medical Tests are Required for Canadian Immigration

What Medical Tests are Required for Canadian Immigration

My answer is for Express Entry. You’ll undergo the following tests as part of your medicals.

  1. Full body checkup (a lot of people have asked what “full body check up” includes – so I’ll elaborate). It includes:
  • Height and weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Checking ears using an otoscope
  • Tapping a tiny hammer on your joints to check your response to pain/stimuli
  • Checking the strength in your limbs. Doctor will ask you to push against a plank using your hands and your legs (this wont require much strength. It’s just a gentle push you have to give)
  • Listening to your breathing using a stethoscope
  • Examination of stomach (you’ll be asked to lie on your back and the doctor will just press the abdomen area in 2–3 places to check if they find tenderness or anything abnormal)

2. Vision test: If you wear glasses/contacts, please go to the test wearing your glasses or contacts. You will be asked to read off a board (the one you see at your optician’s office). You are allowed to keep your glasses/contacts on. You will not be asked to do any reading without your glasses/contacts.

3. Blood test: They’ll take a blood sample. They check for HIV and a few other STDs using this.

4. Urine test: You need to provide a urine sample (mid-stream). They’ll do a urinalysis.

5. Chest X day: For tuberculosis or any other cardiac anomaly that the x-ray can detect.

The results are directly sent to the IRCC. The results may or may not be shared with you. Some doctors do share the reports with you. Some don’t. It depends entirely on the physician.

For women: If you have your period and are unable to provide a urine sample that is clear of blood, many physicians will ask you to come back after a few days and will allow you to take the test again before transmitting it to the IRCC. However, some physicians will not wait and will send the results to the IRCC. You would then receive a request directly from IRCC to provide another clean urine sample. This is not a cause for worry and won’t cause a rejection (if the blood was only due to your period).

Please read the experience of someone below:

My answer is for Medical test in Centre for Migration Medicine (CMM HYD). Let me share you my experience that happened today(01/06/2020).

I was asked to come by 10 AM in the morning. I reached there around 9.45 and they asked me to wait outside till 10 O’ clock. After I enter inside the building, there was a security check of my passport and also the mode of money payment. Due to COVID-19 issue, initially you will be sanitized by the security department. After the sanitization is done you will be directed to registration department placed just outside the main door. There you need to show your passport and give them 2 copies of passport, where the stamping is done.

After that you will be sent inside, and they will call your name and you need to sign the consent form and pay the medical fee( For me its 5000 INR as I took the test for Canada). You will be asked about having tattoos and if any previous visits are there. If the answer turns out to be YES, then you would be having some additional test and in my case it was NO.

A band is kept on your band on the entry part to check if the Chest X-ray test is done or not.

After the fee is paid, you will be sent inside another room where you need to give the blood and urine samples. Checking of your passport and the xerox copy is mandatory in every part of the test as there will be a checklist stamped on the xerox copy.

After the blood and urine samples are taken, you will be asked to sit for some time. After some time, they will be calling you for Height, Weight and Eye-sight checkup. Then comes your Chest X-ray part, where you will be given a loose shirt to put on, removing rest all from the upper part of the body( this was done as I am a boy, no idea on how thing goes on for girls). You will be asked to remove the chains/lockets whichever present on your upper part of the body. Don’t forget to get stamped on the band provided to verify the chest x-ray part.

Till this part, it roughly takes one hour. After this you will be asked to move to third floor for doctor consultation. They will be calling your name and you need to go inside the doctor and you will be asked some questions like 1. Do you have TB? 2. Does your family have TB? 3. Are you ever affected with HIV? 4. Have you undergone any surgeries ever? General questions would be asked and you can easily tell them the answers. After that you will be asked to lay on a bed where doctor checks the stomach part. After the checking is done, you will be asked to sign a form and write your name in a register. You will be given a sheet which you need to keep safely and this is your medical certificate containing the ID. For this, it takes roughly around 2 hours as there will be one doctor to check things.

And finally, it comes to the end of the medical examination. You can come out and chill. Your results will be sent to IRCC directly. If you want to see the results, you can login to IRCC website or you can raise a request to CMM using a web form where they are more than happy to answer you.

SOURCE: https://www.quora.com/What-are-all-the-medical-tests-that-take-place-in-the-Canadian-immigration-medical-exam-and-visa-process

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