Google AdSense: Things You Must Take Into Consideration For Your Account To Be Approved 2018

The joy of every bloggers is to earn money while blogging but many bloggers have been blogging without getting anything in return. Many bloggers have applied for Google AdSense several time without getting approval. This precise, article will help you or exposed you to things that you have to do for your account to be approve.

This is the first page you have to create if you need Google AdSense approval. This have to do with your activities, what your site is all about. Don’t copy, take your time to write it. Check this example About Us

This page is very important, it is a page that shows that you’re not a robot. It’s show that you are a trusted online company or individual that can be contacted without any stress. This is very simple, just put down the email address you used for your AdSense registration, your phone number and you’re good to go. Check this Contact Us

As you deal with individual online, people tend to know what information you are collecting as they visit your site, and what you do with the data. So Google AdSense is concerned about this. If you can’t write down the privacy policy your self, you can just google ‘online privacy policy generator’ to generate your own privacy policy, please don’t copy from any site. Check this example PRIVACY POLICY

After creating your categories, make sure you put all in home page in such away that user can easily navigate without any stress. Make sure their links are working that all.see my categories at the top of my home page

NOTE If you have been receiving two or more email from Google AdSense that your account have not been approve, Please don’t border your self again, probably you have copied from other site when you started your blog and your domain might have been blocked which means if you apply million times, you will never get approval.
So get a new domain and or host and start again, follow the above steps.

When you apply the first time and you got a message that your account is not approved and you apply the second time they keep sending you message that account not approved, just know that you have not reach 20% for your account to be approved. But when you follow the steps above and you apply the first time and you got email that your account is not approved and you apply the second time and they didn’t send you any email for one to two weeks, just know that your account is getting approval, sometimes it can takes one or two months for the account to be fully approved.

Very simple, just update your site not necessarily much, but do not copy and past, you can read any post you see on other site and rewrite it in your own English not copy and paste. You can post four updates a day depending on your capacity.

After Google AdSense have approved the account, you can copy and past. You might wonder, why copy and past? I don’t have much time to start explaining, popular blogs you know do copy and paste too. If you want to confirm my claim, just goto the popular blogs you know copy some of their post like one or two paragraph and Google search it, you will see that their site is not the first source of that particular post.

But the copy and past should not be always ,you should have time to create posts your self.

I so much believed (100%) that if you follow this article, your account will be approved sooner. And when that day come please come back here for testimony.
Furthermore, if you have any questions in regards to this topic please make use of the comment box below.

This article was my personal experience, what i did that i got Google Approval

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