Best screenshot software for windows 10

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Take screenshots on the computer is my daily work. If you need to take a screenshot like me you can follow me. And In this video, I will show you, The best screenshot software to use in my Practical Live. I have used 5 to 6 screening short software so far. Today I will share with you the best screenshot software I have ever used. The name of this software is Light Shot. And this software is totally free. There are many useful tools in this software.

You can take a screenshot by pressing “PrntScr”. Then make a selection in the screenshot area. Then, when you click on the save button, your image will be saved behind in your specific folder. It will only turn on when you press the “PrntScr” key from the keyboard. Here you can edit something inside the screenshot area. you can use pen tools, line tools, arrow tools, and rectangular tools. You can also use marker tools here. You can also write whatever you want here. If you do not like it, you can use “Undo tools”. You can edit or not. You can then save your image by clicking the save button. You can also launch this screenshot software from the Hidden Icon. Here you can change the name of your image file. Now see how to download the software. Go to Google search engine and search by typing light shot, the truth will come and go. Download and install your software according to your operating system here.

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